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Essential Travel Documents to Get Together When Planning a Trip

Posted on 02 December 2017 by (0)

Essential Travel Documents to Get Together When Planning a Trip

Your trip will not be successful if you don’t get essential travel documents together. Generally, there are documents that you will need to travel from one destination to another. It’s important that you get them before you leave your current location or plan to get them along the way.


In most cases, Canadian, U.S, and European citizens are required to have a passport while traveling from one country to another. This document is scrutinized carefully at the airport when entering a foreign country. Most passports are usable for 10 years. It’s however important to note that your passport may not be accepted in some countries if it’s about to expire. Therefore, make sure that you have a valid passport that will not expire in the next six month. Additionally, make a photocopy of your passport. That’s because replacing a stolen or lost passport is easier in some countries when you have a photocopy.


This is a stamp that a foreign government places on a traveler’s passport. It allows them to enter into their country. Basically, you need visas to be allowed entry into most foreign countries. Upon your entry into those countries, you will be a short-stay visitor. It’s wise to get a visa in your home country. Almost every country has its embassy in your country. That means you can get a visa from the embassy of the country that you plan to travel to from its embassy.

International Student Identity Card

This is the only student ID card that has an international recognition. It will get you discounts on shopping, transportation, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, and entertainment. It may also include basic insurance. Therefore, if you have evidence to prove that you are a full-time student, get a Student Identity Card before you travel.

Car documents and rail passes

In most cases, you can purchase rail passes before leaving your home country. In some countries, you will need an International Driving Permit when renting a vehicle.

Basically, these are the most essential travel documents that you should get together when planning a trip. Get them ready and make their photocopies to ensure a safe and smooth trip.