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Why Young People Should Travel Abroad

Posted on 14 September 2017 by (0)

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While pursuing college or high school education, you were most likely encouraged to travel abroad. But, you may have written off the idea because you probably had a lot going on in life. My friend that operates Water Damage San Antonio adds that young people should consider the idea because while young, they are finding themselves. Essentially, the experiences and skills that you acquire from traveling abroad will have life-long benefits and a leg up in your profession.

Here are the top reasons why you should travel abroad as a young person:

Get out of the comfort zone

Your immediate family and community that know you create your comfort zone. You have friends, relatives, activities, jobs, and hangouts that are part of this comfort zone. Breaking out of this comfort zone feels uncomfortable and scary. However, traveling enables you to move out of the comfort zone. You interact with people that have different values, tour new places, and learn new ways of doing things. This makes you a more competent, smarter individual that can embrace any discomfort and grow.

Build confidence

You build confidence by doing things that are unfamiliar to you. These include figuring out how to do things in a foreign country such as using public transit and asking for things in different places. You become confident in your ability to live and adapt in foreign places and situations.

Adapt to globalization

Globalization is taking over faster than expected due to social media and the internet. Traveling enables you to adapt to globalization faster by making you culturally sensitive. It also makes you interested in learning foreign languages and new ways of doing things.

Build connections  

While traveling abroad, you make valuable connections. These will give you a competitive edge especially if you wish to work in a foreign country or internationally.

Enhance cultural sensitivity

Developing cultural sensitivity is important in the current globalized world. Traveling gives you an opportunity to understand the underlying values that make people hold on certain behaviors or practices. Cultural sensitivity helps with communication at personal and business levels.

As a young person, you should travel abroad as much as you can. That’s because you never know when the connections that you establish or skills that you learn will come in handy in your future.